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Show your ideal clients how you can make their lives better, and they’re hooked!

They’ll be crazy about what you offer, eager to get their hands on it, and they’ll feel like they can’t miss out on what you’re bringing.

Trust me, you’ll be impossible for anyone to ignore!

And that’s exactly what I do for your website, funnels, email campaigns and more…



Email Campaigns

Cups of Coffee


Beyond Expectation

Emma’s expertise in content writing is beyond your expectation. She pays attention to detail and her writing is full of wit and intelligence.

Juliet Newton, Property Investor

It Rocks!

It rocks! Your work always stands out, represents the message and will help us so much to get this project off the ground.

We truly appreciate your creative skills, your use of words and pulling together of branding.

Results: Conversion Rate of 28.%

Sally and Rie, Finding Your Voice

Fantastic Content!

Working with Emma is so effortless.
She produces fantastic content for us across a range of different industries and her turnaround time is incredible. Thanks so much!

Matt, Do Good Digital

Your content isn’t just your priority, it’s mine as well!


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