Provide good content, and you’ll earn the right to promote your product – Guy Kawasaki


Blog writing is dead in 2024!

No, actually it’s not. Blogging is still one of the best ways to get your website found on Google.

Every day millions of people are opening up search engines to find the answer to their problems and if you’re not showing how you solve that problem, how are they going to find you?

I regularly have enquiries from people who were looking for email marketing tips or how to write sales pages, and I wouldn’t have that traffic if it wasn’t for my blog. My clients get the same results.

The truth is, creating compelling content consistently is a marathon, not a sprint. And let’s face it, with the ever-changing content landscape and the demands of running a business, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure if your efforts are actually paying off.

But I can guarantee you those results!

Prices start from £80 per blog. However, I offer discounts depending on how many are required per month, so please feel free to email me for more info.

Working with Emma is so effortless. She produced fantastic content for us across a range of different industries and her turnaround time is incredible. Thanks so much!

Matt R - Digital Marketing Agency