The Marketing Maven…

Marketing is my superpower, and as a freelance copywriter and virtual marketing assistant, it’s my mission to increase the wealth and ease the stress of business owners feeling overwhelmed with their marketing and content creation.

Hey, I’m Emma and I’m your secret weapon


If no one is reading your emails, following your blogs, engaging with your social media or looking at your website, there’s no real relationship.

That’s why I want to help you take things ⬆️⬆️ a notch (or ten)! It’s what excites me every single day.

You could write your own copy. Of course. Like I could do my own accounts. Just numbers, isn’t it?

But when HMRC start chasing, or I’m paying too much tax, I’ll wish I’d got someone in.

It can be so difficult to write about yourself in a way that connects to your potential buyer, but it’s my job – no, my calling – to help you find the words that sell.

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Outside of my business, I’m mum to a beautiful little girl, an 11-year-old Jack Russell, and a 5ft aquarium and live in the peaceful Gloucestershire countryside.

What makes me tick

I write and edit for individuals, big & small companies, emails, websites, blogs, and even online courses. Sometimes I help companies build their internal communications, drive SEO, and create their entire content strategy.

Your marketing isn’t just your priority, it’s mine as well.

It’s my job to build a connection between your ideal clients or customers and the product or service you provide.

As a freelance copywriter and virtual marketing assistant, I create the words that make the reader say, “yes, I have that problem” and even more important… “Yes, this is what I need!”

Every word you write for your business is an opportunity to attract new leads, inspire action and create raving fans…