Copywriting is a skill that is so important for any business. It’s the art of persuasion, and writing content is essential to get your message across to your audience.

But, not everyone has the budget for a professional copywriter (especially during these uncertain times). So, here are 5 templates you can start using immediately to write your ads, social media, blog posts, or any other marketing quickly, easily, and more powerfully than ever.


This is one of my favourite templates that works really well for all content.

Before – Here’s your world right now

After – Imagine what it’d be like to have your problem solved

Bridge – Here’s how to get there…

You simply start by identifying where your ideal client is now. What keeps them awake at night? This is the part where you should grab attention. It should stand out enough to stop your ideal client from scrolling and make them say; this is me!

It could be a question such as…

  • Do you struggle to write social media posts?
  • Do you wake up feeling as tired as you went to bed?

Next, you describe what it would be like to no longer have that problem. Think about the emotional and any other physical or financial benefits.

And finally, you introduce your solution. How does your product or service solve that problem, and what do they need to do next to buy or access it?


Features – What your product or service does (briefly)

Advantages – Why does your ideal client need this?

Benefits – What does it mean for them?

This is one of the few templates where I will mention features before benefits; however, it works well for short copy such as tweets or quickly grabbing attention.

Copywriter, Joe Vitale, describes it best…

“You get this… and the product/service does this… so that you can get this.”


Star – The main character (your ideal client) 

Story – The story itself

Solution – An explanation of how the star wins in the end

This is fun for storytelling posts and works particularly well for case studies and testimonials. Storytelling is one of the most engaging types of content you can use, so definitely try this one out.


Problem – What problem does your ideal client or customer have?

Agitate – What would life look like if that problem persists?

Solve – How does your product or service solve that problem?

This is probably one of the original copywriting templates (although one I’m not a fan of) and is similar to the first in our list; however, rather than describe a world where the problem no longer exists, you describe a world where the problem persists.

It can help increase that feeling of FOMO and “pokes the bear” a little more before swooping in with the solution.


Not so much a template, but it will undoubtedly help anything you write have more meaning. Whatever you write, before you post, ask yourself – so what?

“These templates are really helpful!”


“So, you can write content quicker, easier and more effectively!

“This lipstick is long-lasting!”


“So, you don’t have to top up several times a day.”

See how it works? It’s particularly great for writing headlines or hooks.

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