So you’ve crafted a fantastic group programme packed with value and ready to transform lives. You’re buzzing with excitement to share it with the world, but then… crickets. Filling those spots can feel like scaling a mountain blindfolded, right? However, it’s normal to encounter hurdles on the path to a sold-out programme. But don’t let them hold you back. In this blog, I share the 5 biggest obstacles you face when trying to fill your group coaching programme, from attracting the right people to crafting sales copy that converts. Plus, I share practical tips and tricks to overcome these challenges and finally see that “sold out” post being shared proudly.

So, get ready to conquer those mountains, and let’s turn your dream launch into a reality…


5 Biggest Obstacles and How to Fill Your Group Programme

The excitement is real. You’ve poured your heart and soul into crafting a phenomenal group programme, brimming with valuable content and ready to transform lives. But then… crickets. Attracting enough participants to fill your group coaching programme can feel impossible, right?

But fear not! While obstacles are inevitable on the path to a sold-out programme, you can beat them. So, let’s tackle the 5 biggest hurdles you face when trying to fill your group coaching programme and equip you with practical strategies to overcome them:


#1 Attracting the Right People: Finding Your Ideal Clients

  • Problem: Your audience isn’t big enough, or you’re not reaching the right people.

You know the feeling – your programme is amazing, but the enrollment numbers just aren’t where you want them to be. This often stems from a lack of clarity on your ideal client.

  • Solutions:
    • Know Your Ideal Client: Before anything else, clarify who you’re trying to attract. What are their struggles, desires, and pain points? Create a detailed “avatar” of your ideal participant, including demographics, interests, and online behaviour.
    • Become a Content Magnet: Build an organic audience by consistently offering valuable content that resonates with your ideal client. This could be blog posts, engaging social media content (think Instagram stories, insightful X threads), or even starting a podcast.
    • Paid Advertising: Utilise platforms like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn ads to target specific demographics and interests that align with your ideal client profile. This allows you to reach a wider audience who might not have found you organically.
    • Collaboration Power: Partner with other coaches or influencers in your niche. This allows you to tap into their established audience and potentially reach a whole new pool of potential participants who might be interested in your programme.


#2 Crafting Compelling Sales Copy: Making Your Words Sell

  • Problem: Your sales pages feel like tumbleweed, failing to convert leads into excited participants.

A powerful sales page is your secret weapon. It’s the bridge between your fantastic programme and the people who need it most. But if your sales copy falls flat, potential participants may be confused and unmotivated.

  • Solutions:
    • Transformation, Not Features: Don’t just list features like “weekly calls” or “bonus materials.” Focus on the life-changing outcomes your programme offers. What transformations will participants experience? How will their lives be different after completing the programme?
    • Storytelling Power: Weave stories of past participants’ success throughout your sales copy. This helps potential participants connect with your programme on an emotional level and imagine themselves achieving similar results.
    • Social Proof Magic: Showcase testimonials and positive reviews from past participants. Social proof builds trust and credibility, making potential participants more likely to sign up.
    • Clear Calls to Action: Don’t leave your audience guessing! Tell them precisely what you want them to do next, whether it’s signing up for a free consultation, registering for the programme, or downloading a valuable resource.
    • Readability Matters: Break up text with visuals, use clear headings and subheadings, and keep sentences concise for easy scanning. Ensure your sales copy is visually appealing and easy to navigate.


#3 Managing Logistics: Taming the Technical Beast

  • Problem: The technical aspects of running a group programme – registration, payments, content delivery – feel overwhelming.

The thought of managing registrations, payments, and content delivery for your group programme can be enough to send shivers down your spine. However, there are ways to simplify the process.

  • Solutions:
    • Launch Partner Power: Consider partnering with services like mine to handle the technical nitty-gritty. This allows you to focus on what you do best.
    • Tech-Friendly Platforms: Choose user-friendly tools for registration, payment processing, and content delivery. Platforms like Kartra, Kajabi, or Teachable offer intuitive interfaces and features specifically designed for online courses and group programmes.
    • Communication is Key: Establish clear communication channels for participants and promptly answer enquiries. This could involve setting up a dedicated email address for programme questions, creating a forum or online community, or holding regular Q&A sessions.
    • Automation is Your Friend: Automate tasks like email reminders or welcome messages to save time and effort. This allows you to focus on providing personalised support to participants rather than getting bogged down in administrative tasks. (Sorry, another shameless plug; I also handle the automation side of things 😉)


#4 Pricing and Value Perception: Striking the Right Balance

  • Problem: You’re unsure about the right price point, either underpricing your programme or struggling to justify the cost to potential clients.

Pricing your programme can be a tricky dance. You want to offer a fair value while ensuring your work is adequately compensated.

  • Solutions:
    • Market Research: Research the value of similar programmes in your niche to understand the pricing landscape. This will give you a benchmark to determine a price point for your own programme.
    • Benefits & ROI: Clearly communicate the specific benefits and tangible return on investment your programme offers. Go beyond generic statements and highlight the concrete results participants can expect to achieve.
    • Payment Options: Consider offering payment plans or flexible options to make the programme more accessible. This can be especially helpful for participants who might not have the full amount upfront.
    • Limited-Time Offers: Highlight exclusive bonuses or limited-time discounts to increase perceived value. This can create a sense of urgency and encourage potential participants to sign up before the offer expires.


#5 Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Silencing the Doubts

  • Problem: Self-doubt creeps in, whispering that you’re not good enough to lead a successful group programme.

The voice of self-doubt can be a powerful adversary, especially when trying to fill your group coaching programme. But remember, even the most successful coaches experience these internal struggles.

  • Solutions:
    • Own Your Expertise: Remember the positive impact you’ve made on past clients and the value you bring to the table. Reflect on the transformations you’ve facilitated and the positive feedback you’ve received.
    • Supportive Network: Surround yourself with other coaches who understand the journey and can offer encouragement. Join online communities, attend coaching events, or find a mastermind group where you can share experiences and support each other.
    • Visualisation Power: Visualise your programme running smoothly and celebrating its success. Imagine the positive feedback you’ll receive, the impact you’ll make on participants’ lives and the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel.
    • It’s Okay to Doubt: Even the most successful coaches sometimes experience self-doubt. Don’t let it hold you back! Acknowledge the doubt, but don’t let it control your decisions. Remember, your passion, expertise, and dedication are your greatest assets.

By conquering these 5 obstacles, you’ll be well on your way to a sold-out group programme and the incredible experience of transforming lives through your coaching magic. Remember, you’ve got this!


A Final Word on How to Fill Your Group Coaching Programme

So there you have it; we’ve tackled the 5 biggest hurdles that can stand between you and a sold-out group programme. Remember, these obstacles are common, and with the right strategies and a dash of courage, you can conquer them.

Take action! Implement these practical tips, focus on attracting your ideal clients, craft compelling sales copy, and don’t let logistics overwhelm you. Remember, your expertise and passion are invaluable.

And if you’d like a helping hand to fill your group coaching programme, that’s where services like mine come in. I handle everything from creating your opt-in and sales pages to emails, social media, and all of the tech to pull it all together so you can focus on turning up, having fun, and doing what you do best.

Now, launch that programme with confidence and witness the magic unfold!



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