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If you’re trying to sell your coaching services online, you’re certainly going to need to build an audience. And in an era where social media is the town square and content is king (or queen, or a majestic unicorn), grabbing the attention of your ideal clients has become an art form. But fear not; we’re about to embark on a journey of 10 simple steps to sculpt your dream audience.


The 10 steps


Step 1: Define your tribe

So, imagine your dream audience as a herd of unicorns – magical, unique, and sometimes elusive. Define them clearly:

  • Age
  • Interests
  • Challenges
  • Desires

But don’t be vague; potential clients don’t do well with generic pitches.


Step 2: Whip up stellar content:

Just like a soufflé rises with the right mix, your content should be a delectable blend of value, entertainment, and enlightenment. Whether it’s witty tweets, insightful blog posts, or lip-smacking TikToks, make sure your content leaves them craving for more.


Step 3: Snazzy visuals:

Humans are visual creatures; we’re practically magpies drawn to shiny visuals. So, pair your amazing content with equally impressive visuals. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand shares (or likes).


Step 4: Infiltrate social media:

Ah, social media, where conversations flow faster than white rapids. So pick platforms where your clients hang out and engage authentically. This could be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. Be the life of the virtual party, but not the obnoxious neighbour everyone avoids.


Step 5: The hashtag charm:

#LikeAPro and sprinkle them wisely. They’re the breadcrumbs leading your dream clients to your content wonderland. Just don’t overdo it; nobody wants to decode a hashtag hieroglyph.


Step 6: Collaborate like a boss:

Teaming up is certainly the new power move. Collaborations expose your fabulousness to a wide range of new audiences. It’s like throwing a grand party – the more, the merrier. Just ensure your collaborators share your sparkle.


Step 7: Email wizardry:

Email? Isn’t that so 2000s? Well, absolutely not. If you get it right, the leads will roll in. For example, I send 2 weekly emails and can almost guarantee I get at least 1 lead a week from them. So craft spellbinding newsletters and be the friendly coach in their inbox. Just don’t be that pesky spammer; ensure your emails are valuable and entertaining.

I highly recommend Mailerlite for managing your email marketing. I’m on the free version, and it’s more than enough to manage my email marketing, landing pages, sales emails, and so much more.


Step 8: Consistency:

Consistency is certainly your golden ticket to audience wonderland. Show up more often than a Kardashian at a camera store. Whether daily, weekly, or fortnightly, stick to your schedule like a magnet to a fridge.


Step 9: Engagement, engagement, engagement

Likes and shares are great, but comments and conversations are like the VIP passes to building authentic connections. Respond to comments like you’re gossiping with your besties.


Step 10: Analyse & pivot:

Monitor your progress with analytics. If something isn’t working, pivot like a pro figure skater. Flexibility is your secret weapon.



Remember, building your dream audience in 2023 is like hosting a never-ending party. It takes strategy and consistency. So, go forth with your content crown held high, for your tribe awaits – eager to be entertained, educated, and inspired by none other than you.



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